Copy of 7" Heavy-Duty, 1/8" Therapy Cards with Consonants and Vowels (33 total cards--blank on back)

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Copy of 001
Example of consonant phoneme card

The heavy-duty therapy cards are made for therapists to use and reuse.  They are constructed of PVC.  PVC is a smooth, rigid plastic sheet material that is perfect for wear and tear and wiping down from patient to patient.   

The heavy-duty therapy cards are one-sided. The back of the card is blank.   This durable set contains 21 consonants and 12 vowels.  


SCS is a systematic cueing system that uses visual and tactile cues to help a child motor-plan for sounds in words and eventually in conversation. Each sound has a picture, a name and a hand cue. Children are taught to use the hand cues in a way that promotes independence. That way, when the parent cues a sound in a word, the child automatically knows to repeat the word with the correct sound without ever being told to “say the word”. Parents love the cooperation they get from their children and children love the independence they develop in being able to correct words by themselves and the success they have in doing it.